Essay about writing an email

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the future of letter writing— electronic mail writing. Gone are the days where people have to wait for weeks to receive a letter from a friend or a significant other. The concept of pen pals is no longer applicable when everyone from any part of the world can be contacted almost immediately— depending on your Internet speed and the kind of social media site you are using.

If there are certain laws in your country that prevent you from accessing Google-related sites or even Facebook-owned sites, e. China then you would have to find another way to contact your fellow peers and colleagues using whatever mobile apps they have e. You may also see formal writings. So, you simply use that forward button in order to save time and effort. But make sure that the content of the forwarded message is meant for that specific person.

Otherwise, it is best you delete the rest and to just retain the file that is needed to be sent. You may also see narrative writings 7.

essay about writing an email

This will prevent the email recipient from struggling to understand your email. Be careful as there are times that email addresses are structured in a similar way. You may also see argumentative writings. What Is Writing Used For? More Examples in Education Affidavit.Electronic communication has become a part of every aspect of our society and is recognized as being one of the most important and influential aspects of the way we conduct business.

Electronic communication technology has made it easier to contact other people in the same city, and even others around the world so instead of actually taking the time to write a letter to a friend through the mail, one can send an e-mail that takes about three seconds opposed to three or more days.

Of course a letter shows more feeling, because when you write it has more emotion on the paper, but the Internet is so much more convenient to everyone, since life today is hectic with all the other things going on. The computer is also a great communication device. E-mail allows everyone with the Internet to send as much information as he or she want whenever they want for a minimal price nearly replacing the almost dead art of letter writing. E-mail's speed provides the convenience of a telephone, yet it still retains much of the harm of a hand written letter.

How to Write an Email

In the past, if someone wanted to send a movie or song to friends far away, they would have to spend the money on a blank tape, time copying the original, and would have to carefully pack it trying to avoid damage in shipping. But now anyone can simply attach the movie or song to a short note with a few clicks, without fear of damage.

The introduction of Internet communication has changed the way businesses operate, by increasing competitiveness and advancing the company by allowing vital information to be sent and received at a faster rate.

The World Wide Web or Internet is one of the largest means of electronic communication in business.

The Web gives users access to a vast array of documents that are connected to each other by means of hypertext or hypermedia links--i. Email at the Office Electronic mail, known to everyone as email, is "the technology of sending and receiving electronic messages over phone lines by computer" Marty Foley. Any person, who has access to the Internet has email.

Essay on Email | Article on E-Mail | Paragraph on E-mail

What advantages can email bring to a business? It can send an email message back to any prospect that sends it email. From a business perspective, email has great potential. Is it morally acceptable when an employer reads his or hers employees email?

My belief is that if its my email, addressed to me and no one else, then I"m the only one should be reading my email. Now, Windows NT may not directly monitor my private email but it does monitor the websites that I use to send and receive my private email. However, is it legal for employers to monitor your email? However, they need to be aware that information in your email are under surveillance and keep their private email at home. The invention of email changed the way that people live dramatically.

For the original email to work, both computers had to be simultaneously on and ready to receive and send email. Now, people can be offline and still receive email in a brief amount of time. An email is formed by the message header and the message body, the email address, and one or more recipient addresses.

The inception of electronic email began via the Internet.Do you ever read your content and wonder …. You have to scrap sections and scrub off the dirt to communicate your message with power. But how can you spot your writing weaknesses so you can let your words shine? Perhaps you write fantastic openings, or your word choice is excellent, or you share super-valuable tips and have a wealth of experience to draw from.

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Remember to celebrate these writing strengths. Create a swipe file to learn the keys to good writing The 4 principles of deliberate practice to accelerate your learning Trying to solve all problems in one go creates a learning experience from hell. To make learning how to write more fun, address weaknesses one by one.

The list below is in order of importance. We write to communicate with our readers. And when we write to educate, entertain and inspire, no content is boring. Have you lost your mojo? Have you lost your connection to an imaginary reader? But, think about your readers … how many of them feel overwhelmed? As writers, we often feel insecure.

We wonder what we can do to make our content better, more valuable, and more extensive. We want to write THE definitive guide. But the idea that longer content is always better is wrong.

Substance goes hand in hand with having a clear focus in your content.

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Instead of an article sprawling out into multiple directions, focus on one specific topic and add more depth to your argument. Does your content remain abstract or superficial? Have you given examples to make your advice concrete? Remember, substance is about the depth of your arguments, not about the length of your article.

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Even an email of words can have substance. A nugget of wisdom. A super-practical tip.

essay about writing an email

A spark of inspiration. An easy way to think about flow is to imagine yourself having a conversation with your ideal reader.

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Are you taking your reader by the hand and explain a problem step by step? Does your sales page answer the questions when they come up in their mind?

Read your content at a decent pace to determine the flow. At school, you may have been taught to write long, impressive sentences. But shorter sentences are easier to consume and make your content more accessible to all.

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To reduce your average sentence length, chop the longest sentences in two or three. Your aim is not to make every sentence as short as possible.Chances are that you sent out quite a few emails today of varying natures: perhaps some friendly messages to loved ones, professional notes to coworkers, or formal letters to clients. How many were read and responded to? Although we all write a lot of emails, you may be surprised to learn that many people don't know how to compose a neat and tidy message that gets people's attention.

Brushing up your email writing skills can mean the difference between getting a prompt response or a swift deletion. Here are five tips for writing an effective email that gets the desired result, plus a couple of email communication examples to bring it all together.

essay about writing an email

Brushing up your email writing skills, such as learning the parts of an emailcan mean the difference between getting a prompt response or a swift deletion. It's very important to understand the main purpose of the email before you write it.

Then, make that purpose clear in the subject and introduction of your message. All too often, people simply click on the compose button and start typing without taking the time to actually consider why they're contacting someone and what they want to say. Are you just updating someone? Are you looking for a quick answer? Do you need them to do something? Knowing the goal of your email is important because if you, as the sender of the email, haven't pinpointed why you're contacting someone in the first place, then the receiver will be just as uncertain.

The subject line is one of the most important parts of an email. In many cases, it will determine whether or not the recipient will even open the email. Take the time to select a meaningful, straightforward subject line that succinctly identifies the reason for the email. It'll set you up for a clear message and, hopefully, a prompt response.

For example:. There are many cases where emails are ignored because the recipient isn't immediately familiar with the sender of the message. If you're sending it to someone you don't know well, make sure you include your full name and the context of your relationship up front so the reader can quickly make a connection. I'd like to touch base with you regarding tonight's assignment, "How to Write a Press Release.

Make sure your emails are concise. People want to know what the email is about as soon as they open it. After a brief greeting followed by a commamake sure the next few lines are related specifically to the subject of the email.

If this is a response to another email, reply immediately to any questions posed in the original email. When composing the email, avoid unnecessary words. Short sentences and paragraphs are better than long ones.

Strive to use the active voice, such as "We are sending your order today," instead of "Your order will be sent out today. There's nothing worse than an email that can't be understood. Whether it's because of poor grammar or spellingthe use of inappropriate fonts and abbreviationsor even worse, an email written in bright colors or all capital letters, it's always best to use proper formatting when sending an email.

Proofread your email before you send it and keep the formatting simple. Put a blank line between paragraphs.It is a method of exchanging digital messages from sender to one or more receivers. It can only be operated across the internet or other computer networks. E-mail is an information and communication technology. It uses technology to communicate a digital message from a sender to receiver over the internet.

There are many software platforms and applications available to send and receive. Popular email platforms include Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, Outlook, and many others.

essay about writing an email

Initially email systems required the author and the recipientboth to be online at the same time in common with instant messaging. E-mail servers accept, forward, deliver, and store messages, neither the user nor their computers or other systems are required to be online simultaneously, they can simply connect to the internet or mail servers for as long as it takes to send or receive the message.

An internet e-mail has three components : the message envelope, the message header, and the message body. Subject header field can also b added. The body contains the main message and also different file types can be attached and sent in an email. To facilitate electronic mail exchange between remote sites and with other organizations, telecommunication links, such as dial up modems or leased lines, provided means to transport email globally, creating local and global networks.

There is a typical sequence of events that takes place when sender transmits a message using Mail User Agent MUA addressed to the e-mail address of the recipient. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Comments The essay lacks basic elements. But anyways it is worth 3. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.The sides drew 2-2 when they last met at Easter Road in September.

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How to Spot 8 Weaknesses in Your Writing (and Fix Them)

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